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Top 15 Costly Mistakes

  1. Not clearly reading your lease prior to signing.
  2. All Notices to and from landlord must be in writing.
  3. Not having a detailed move in checklist/photos.
  4. No Move-in Inspection Form at all
  5. You let your friendMaggiestay on your couch for a few weeks while she finds a new apartment.
  6. Not getting renter`s insurance.
  7. Making Alterations and Painting without Prior Approval
  8. Denying the landlord Access to the property.
  9. You set up a business at your address and produce products in the garage
  10. Adding pets without Permission
  11. Not changing A/C Filters
  12. Not Maintaining the Yard or property in general properly.
  13. Not Notifying the Landlord as needed
  14. You install a Satellite TV dish with out permission.
  15. Not having tenant liability Insurance