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Form 11 Rental Application


Archwater Realty, LLC does business in accordance with the Fair Housing Act, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability, marital status, familial status, sexual orientation or any other protected basis.

» Our firm is the managing agent for many separate owners; therefore, policies at each property may vary depending on the particular owner’s preference.

» A separate Rental Application is required for each adult, eighteen (18) years of age or older, intending to occupy the Premises. A clear and readable photo ID (driver’s license, military ID, state ID, passport ID) must be presented with each Rental Application. Each Rental Application must be filled out completely and signed by the applicant. Complete Rental Applications include: Rental Application and Lease Application and Policies.

» A processing fee of $125.00 for per applicant. an applicant is anyone 18 yrs of age or over older. The fee must be paid in cash, official bank cashier’s check, or money order. Personal checks will not be accepted. The processing fee is non-refundable. No Rental Application will be processed without the processing fee. Rent, deposits or any other fees will not be accepted without an approved Rental Application.

» Applicants must provide documentation of U.S. citizenship or immigration status. Applicants must provide their Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. Rental Applications from applicants who are not U.S. citizens or who do not have the legal right to be in the U.S. will be declined. Rental Applications from applicants who are legally in the U.S. but cannot prove that they have the legal right to be in the U.S. through the entire lease term will be declined.

» Our firm cannot guarantee than any unit viewed will still be available by the time the Rental Application is processed. Because of the fiduciary relationship our firm has with Property Owners, if more than one Rental Application is submitted before approval can be achieved, then the first qualified applicant will be approved for placement. Remaining qualified applicants may consider other properties available from our rental list.

» If the applicant is applying to rent a unit governed by a Condominium or Homeowners association, the applicant may be required to submit a separate Rental Application and/or fee to the Association for processing and approval.

» Applicants, including all others who are applying to rent the Premises as one household unit, should have a combined and verifiable gross income of at least three times the monthly rent or comparable amount if income is tax-free.

» Reliable documentation and telephone numbers, including all work fax numbers, for all income sources, must be provided. Employment and income will be verified on all applicants. Self-Employed applicants may be required to produce upon request the previous year’s Tax Return. Non-employed applicants must provide proof of income and/or financial ability. The applicant may, at applicant’s discretion, provide payroll check stubs covering a minimum of the last three months as additional documentation to assist in verifying current employment and income.

» All Rental Application information must be complete and verifiable. Processing a Rental Application usually takes between two and three business days. Sometimes approval of Homeowners or condo Associations, Property Owners, or unavoidable circumstances may cause processing to take longer. Archwater will make reasonable efforts to verify the information provided and will attempt to contact the applicant if there is a delay in verification, incomplete or unverifiable information may result in declining a Rental Application. Upon completion of processing

» the applicant will be notified immediately that the Rental Application has been approved or declined.

» A credit report from a national credit reporting agency will be obtained on all applicants.

» A history of bankruptcy is cause for rejection of a Rental Application unless the bankruptcy has been fully discharged and the applicant has established a satisfactory credit history for at least two full years after discharge. Also, additional security deposit and/or guarantor may be required at the sole discretion of our firm.

» A credit report that does not meet our qualifications is also cause for rejection. If accepted, additional security deposit and potential last month’s prepaid rent will apply.

» Any of the following by any person intending to occupy the premises is cause for rejection of a Rental Application:

» Any conviction or adjudication other than acquittal of a sex offense

» Any conviction or adjudication other than acquittal of a felony

» Any conviction or adjudication other than acquittal of the illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance

» A history of illegal gambling; engaging in prostitution; illegal drug use; abuse of or illegal treatment of animals, or the manufacture and/or distribution of drugs, firearms, explosive devices, or pornography.

» A history of violence or of threats made to a Landlord, Landlord’s agent, neighbors, or others

» A history of any eviction actions

» Residency must be verified for a minimum of the last twenty-four months with no interruptions. Rental history references must reflect timely payment, appropriate notice of intent to vacate, no complaints regarding disturbances or illegal activities, no history of violence or threats and/or intimidation of others, no NSF checks, no damage to previous rental units, and no failure to leave the premises clean and without damage at the time of lease termination.

» Applicant must list each state in which residency has been established, including states where the applicant has attended a school or received training, worked or served in the armed forces.

» Full name of all intended occupants must be listed on the Rental Application. Applicant must list every other name or AKA (Also Known As) that has been used for obtaining or attempting to obtain housing or credit or for any other business purpose.

» All animals, vehicles of any kind and water-filled furniture, including aquariums, must be disclosed on the Rental Application and proof of insurance covering Property Owner’s interest must be provided for any water-filled furniture/aquariums.

» Animals are permitted only on certain properties at the sole discretion and approval of the Property Owner. Only small to medium-sized, non-violent, common domesticated animals will be allowed on any property that permits animals. Farm animals, snakes, other reptiles, exotic animals, and any large or aggressive animal will not be approved. Rottweiler, American Staffordshire Terriers (pit bulls), American Pit Bull Terriers, Dobermans, German Shepherds, Chows, Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, Great Danes, St. Bernard’s, mastiffs, and mixed breeds including any of the above mentioned will not be approved. If an animal is approved, a minimum $300 non-refundable animal fee per animal is required. An additional non-refundable animal fee or security deposit may be required at the sole discretion of the Property Owner. It is our firm’s policy to waive animal restrictions in a case where an animal is necessary to accommodate a person with a disability. A clear and current photo of each animal expected to reside on the premises must be submitted with the Rental Application.

» Any/all tenants that have been found communicating directly with property owner unless authorized by Archwater realty will hold an immediate Disqualification for application. All contacts and communications must go through Archwater Realty.

» If approved the applicant must sign a Lease Agreement within 3 business days, and all monies due (Security deposit, pet fees, any advance rent) must be paid in full with certified funds (official bank cashier’s check or money order) at the time of lease closing and prior to taking possession of Premises. In the event the applicant fails to sign a Lease Agreement within 3 business days after approval, it will be assumed that the applicant has withdrawn and the Premises will be offered to others.

» Applicant will be required to pay a security deposit at the time of lease closing in a minimum amount of one month’s rent. In Owner/Landlord’s sole discretion, a higher security deposit, and/or additional pre-paid rent, and/or guarantors may be accepted in lieu of acceptable credit or rental history. A guarantor must complete a Rental Application packet, pay the application fee, and be qualified in order to become a guarantor.

» Upon approval, I understand it is my responsibility to provide the following – in certified funds (personal checks will only be accepted with prior approval from our firm):

» Rent

» Security Deposit

» Other Fees

» Pet fee (if applicable)

» Upon acceptance, a rent-breakdown/ Utility information sheet will be provided with the breakdown of costs. Any/All fees paid are Non-Refundable if the tenant fails to perform for any reason. The only exception is that of property rendering itself uninhabitable at or before the move-in date

» If accepted a copy of the move-in checklist will be provided to identify prior defects to the premise. The checklist is required to be returned within 48 hours after move-in. If received after, tenants can be held liable for any/all prior defects.

» Requests for Service work at the premises can be called in for emergency but must be followed up with a service request form. Standard service requests are to be completed on a Service Request form and are to be faxed or emailed to the office.

» Rent is due on or before the 1st of the month and is considered late on the 2nd and therefore subject to eviction. Charges and fees are detailed in the lease. Tenant is subject to any and all fees associated with the eviction process including the fee to serve a 3-day notice.

» Our firm requires all communication be in writing, preferably email.

» Breaking a lease prior to term completion will forfeit the security deposit. The tenant will additionally be liable for any applicable Property Management fees that are lost to the early termination. Failure to pay will result in Collection Action and Tenant will be responsible for any such fees including attorney fees.

» Any checks returned for Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) will result in immediate bank funds only transactions and all fees will need to be refunded to our firm or they will be deducted from Security Deposit. Failure to rectify NSF situations will result in our firm potentially pursuing legal action against Tenant.

» Rent can be paid by credit card; there is a 5% transaction fee.

» If the Management agreement between Owner and our firm is dissolved at any point during the lease term, lease and security deposit will be turned over to owner.

Where applicable, this contract is subject to and contingent upon the prospective tenant(s) being approved by the condominium/homeowners association. The prospective Resident(s) will pay any non-refundable application fee required by the condominium/homeowners association and make an application for association approval within 3 days from the effective date of this contract. Occupancy shall not be permitted prior to association approval. In the event that the prospective Resident(s) are not approved by the association and/or Archwater Realty, this contract will terminate. Refunds are subject to applicant(s) funds have cleared our bank account. The non-refundable application fees paid to the association and to Archwater Realty are not refundable under any circumstance.

Landlord Approved Platinum Tenant Liability Insurance

Required Property Damage Liability Insurance: NOTICE! All Tenants are required to maintain property damage liability insurance on behalf of the Landlord and Property Manager. Coverage is required in the amount of One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00) for damage to both Landlord’s and third parties’ property with the provisions covering at least the perils of fire, smoke, explosion, accidental water discharge, and sewer backup. Tenants are required to name Archwater Realty. as an “Interested Party”.

Such a policy shall be written not contributing with, and not in excess of coverage that Landlord may carry, and must waive all rights of subrogation against Landlord and Property Manager. It is agreed that Landlord carries insurance for its protection and that the Tenant is not a beneficiary of such insurance. Tenant shall be responsible to Landlord for all costs of repair for damages as stated in the Lease regardless of existing Landlord insurance.

Tenants may OPT-OUT of purchasing this required insurance through landlord’s preferred insurance provider at any time by providing written proof of the following three items:

Evidence of Required Insurance levels to show the Policy is in effect when it will start & end, and who is named on the policy.

2. Archwater Realty. must be named as an “Additionally Interested” party to the insurance binder provided by the tenant.

3. The Tenant Liability coverage has to be equal to or greater than: $100,000 in Tenant Liability Coverage to the Property.

Cost through Archwater Realty is $9.00 per month plus a $3.00 per month administration fee for a total of $12.00 per month, per home. Tenants are required to carry Tenant Liability Insurance. Unless a Tenant Opts Out of this insurance by following the steps above, a policy will be automatically provided to the Tenant for $12.00 per month.

Using an Insurance Provider Outside of Property Manager Preferred Vendor: Tenant has the right to Opt-Out of this requirement by providing adequate coverage as illustrated above and approved by Archwater Realty. prior to lease execution.

Failure to Maintain Insurance: If the tenant’s coverage for their independently self-procured tenant liability insurance is lapsed by either non-payment or non-renewal after lease execution, Archwater Realty will place that tenant under this program by default for $12.00 per month plus a one-time $75.00 set-up fee.

Disclosure of Relationship: Archwater Realty. is affiliated with the National Property Management Network (NPMN) which is a nationwide affiliation of residential property managers. The Platinum Tenant Liability Insurance program is provided by Beecher Carlson Insurance Company through the National Property Management Network (NPMN) where Broker has ownership interests and is compensated through a controlled business arrangement with NPMN from Beecher Insurance.

In the Event of a Claim:

Start a claim by going to this site: http://tenantllclaim.com or call 1.844.277.6640.

Coverage Notice: By electing the Tenant Liability Insurance through Landlord’s preferred provider via the automatic program set forth above, Tenant will not be listed as a named insured under the Landlord’s policy. The Tenant Liability Insurance policy is not designed to replace a Renter’s Personal Insurance Policy. No coverage is provided to insure tenant contents with this policy.

All lease transactions involve risk. To mitigate this risk for both landlord and tenant. Offering an approval based upon total credit score below a 620 comes with inherent risk to the landlord and property manager. Much like with Apartment Communities, an approval can be offered even to tenants with less than perfect credit as long as they can pay the additional fee associated with their credit scores to offset the risk involved. This is a NON-REFUNDABLE FEE.

Risk Mitigation Admin Fees for Applicants:
Average Credit Score (all Adults)….Fee Due
750 – 850……………………………………$0
700 – 749……………………………………$175
650 – 699……………………………………$300
600 – 649……………………………………$500
550 – 599……………………………………$1000
300 – 549……………………………………Declined

Denied Lease Approvals: any credit score under 549, due to challenged credit.

Dealing with Multiple Applicants: A risk mitigation fee will be assessed based on the AVERAGE FICO score of all adults No FICO Score: Applicants who do not have a FICO score may be assigned a score of 500 for the purposes of determining their risk mitigation fee.

» Upon exiting the lease an administrative fee of $75.00 will be required in addition to last month’s rent or deducted from the security deposit. This applies to for the closure process, walkthrough and any other needed administrative duties associated with the ending of the lease. this fee is mandatory. A $ 20.00 charge also applies to notify tenant via certified mail of Security Deposit

I, the undersigned applicant, affirm that the information contained in this Rental Application is true and correct. I understand that misstatements, either false or incorrect may result in rejection of this and any future Rental Application for housing managed by Archwater Realty, LLC and/or my lease may be held in default and I may be subject to eviction.

I authorize the investigation and release of the information on all statements contained herein, including but not limited to a credit report, rental information, employment verification, income verification, and all public records to Archwater Realty and/or the owner of any property which I am applying to occupy. I further agree to hold harmless Archwater Realty and all providers of information on the applicant listed above. I hereby waive any right of action now or hereafter accruing against any person or entity as a consequence of the release or exchange of such confidential information.

I understand that due to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, I will not be furnished with a copy of my credit report from Archwater Realty. I understand and agree that this Rental Application and any and all work product produced in evaluating this Rental Application is the sole and exclusive property of Archwater Realty.

Archwater Realty welcomes all applicants and supports fair housing. Archwater Realty does not refuse to lease or rent any housing accommodations or property or in any other way discriminate against a person because of sex, sexual orientation, marital status, race, creed, religion, age, familial status, disability, color, national origin, or any other protected basis. It is the policy of Archwater Realty to waive animal restrictions in a case where an animal is necessary to accommodate a person with a disability.

Any tenant with any dollar amount not paid in full during or at the end of the lease will be subject to numerous credit pulls against all 3 major bureaus. Continuous credit checks will be performed until full payment has been made. Any tenant registered with the “do Not call list” is null and void and Archwater Realty has the rights to contact the tenant and or any member associated with tenant until Full payment has been fulfilled

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that when it has accumulated in a building in sufficient quantities may present a health risk to persons who are exposed to it over time. Levels of radon that exceed Federal and State Guidelines have been found in buildings in Florida. Additional information regarding radon and radon testing may be obtained from your county Public Health Unit. Any radon testing will be at the applicant’s expense and must be completed prior to the occupancy date of the Lease Agreement.

Molds are naturally occurring organisms that may or may not present health risks to certain individuals who are exposed to molds over time. Additional information regarding mold and mold testing may be obtained from your County Public Health Unit. Any mold testing will be at the applicant’s expense and must be completed prior t the occupancy date of the Lease Agreement.

Housing built before 1978 may contain lead-based paint. Lead from paint, paint chips, and dust can pose health hazards if not taken care of properly. Lead exposure is especially harmful to young children and pregnant women. Before renting pre-1978 housing, landlords must disclose the presence of known lead-based paint and lead-based hazards in the dwelling. Tenants must also receive a federally approved pamphlet on lead poisoning prevention. It is the policy of Archwater Realty to provide this disclosure and federally approved pamphlet before renting any pre-1978 housing.

The policy of Archwater Realty is to report any amounts owed at the end of the tenancy to a collection agency and/or national credit reporting agency. Archwater reserves the right to continue to pull credit reports any time thereafter lease if Tenant leaves property owing Archwater any amount of money.

NOTICE: Pursuant to Florida Statues Section 475.278 you are advised that Archwater Realty is a licensed real estate corporation acting as the exclusive agent of the Property Owner, is representing the Property Owner’s interest in any and all rental transactions and is being paid a commission by the Property Owner for Leasing and management services. Should you desire you are entitled to your own representation.

APPLICANTS PLEASE NOTE: SHOULD THE PROPERTY YOU ARE APPLYING FOR BE THAT OF A LEASE ONLY, WHEREAS ARCHWATER REALTY WILL NOT BE MANAGING THE PROPERTY. You are allowing Archwater Realty to forward your application and/or any/all findings such as but not limited to…credit, criminal, background research to Owner/Landlord.

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