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Our Statistics

  • Eviction rates: less than 1% total over a period of the past 10 years.
  • Average days on market from listing to contract: 27 days
  • Average price of investment property: $195,000.00
  • Average percent of owners who cancel contracts with Archwater (excluding those who sold their properties): less than 1% total over a period of the past 10 years.
  • Average time an owner has been with Archwater: 5.7 Years. Most of our clients have been with us since inception. However, new listing brings this percentage down a bit.
  • Security Deposit disputes/court hearings: 2 cases and Archwater prevailed in both cases.
  • Accuracy on investment portfolio: 100% educate new owners on realistic yields/returns of their investment properties. Archwater calculates the most challenging expectations for clients, and in all cases, the owners’yield has met or exceeded analyzed Performa. Occasionally, an owner will require a large expense such a roof; however, even this has been calculated in their Performa under reserves to accommodate.
  • Archwater’s investment sales and leasing provide owners with Net Yield from 10-14% on cash purchases, and upwards of 17% on cash investments.
  • Average Make-ready costs: An owner may expect an initial make-ready costs $2500.00. However,the cost will be significantly reduced to an average make-ready cost because Archwater’s care and handing of property and tenants.
  • Average repair costs per industry standard is generally 5% of the total gross rent, with the exception of a major repair, or an owner who does not take the advice of Archwater on maintenance issues. Archwater’s average repair per owner is less than 3% per year.

In closure, Archwater’s owners and agents are investors as well. Therefore, we understand the Real-Estate investment world, and are seeking high yields. Our property management division treats every owner’s investment with the same skill and diligence as we do with our own portfolios. Additionally, Archwater Realty is highly efficient and organizationally detailed for its clients, as we pride a portion of our expertise on our military-styled procedures and documentation. Additionally, all Archwater agents and employees are professionally trained and on continuing education. Combined with internal audits, we insure our systems work at 100% efficiency.
Archwater sales, leasing and property management are similar to flying a plane.


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