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Q: Can I pay my rent wit a personal check?
A: No, funds are required in money order or cashier check only. Direct deposit is also acceptable.

Q: What happens if I pay my rent late?
A: That is not a good habit, always be certain rent is the first bill paid over all others. If you are late you will incur late charge as per your lease.

Q; When do I pay my rent?
A: Rent is due on the first of every month and will be considered late if postmarked after the 1st or beyond.

Q: Who do I call for a repair?
A: Complete a Service Request form found on our website, fax or e-mail it to the office. A Service tech. will contact you to handle the repair. No repairs will be initiated without this form.

Q: How Long will it to complete the repair?
A: Most repairs will be completed with-in 2-3 business days from the time we receive the Service Request. Larger repairs may take longer if it requires Owner approval.

Q: My repair feels like an emergency
A: Although any inconvenience may seem like an emergency they are not, even A/C issues are not classified as an emergency. Yes we want the repairs handled for you as quickly as possible, however a major flood or fire are the only two things that constitute a true emergency.

Q: Should I be a home for the repair work?
A: Yes we encourage our tenants to be present for the repair work.

Q: Why did I receive a Notice to pay rent on the door?
A: Tenants that miss the deadline for rent will have and will be invoiced for a process server to affix a notice to pay. Without payment eviction proceedings will start.

Q: I received a Foreclosure notice on the door what do I do?
A: Contact our office with the letter and information. We have many procedures to protect the tenant in situations like this, and yes you are still required to pay rent .

Q: Some of my outlets or appliances just stopped working?
A: A Tenant should always check the circuit breaker box. More often than not a breaker simply tripped to “off”. If all breakers are in order then send in a service requests. If tenants do not check circuit breaker and service tech. determines that to be the root cause the tenant is responsible for the service fee. However contact us with a service request immediately